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Honest communication and transparent leadership are at the forefront of our company and who we are would not be possible without our experienced and distinguished team.



Hal has over 40 years of experience in successful real estate investment and development. His companies have built world-class resorts and hotels, as well as residential and commercial projects in Western Canada, the USA, and the Caribbean. Hal brings his years of corporate governance and business acumen to the organization. He and his wife Maddie are also active in the Calgary community in numerous charities, foundations, education, and tourism.

Corporate team:

Construction/Field Team:

Sales team:

Our collaborative relationships with developers and partners drive our ongoing innovation and success in the homebuilding industry and push us to continually redefine our products to cater to a highly dynamic and evolving market. We believe that our greatest success comes from the creativity and talent of the collective, with teamwork leading the charge.

Johannes Van Leenen, President


We dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround ourselves with great people. Our friends are your friends, and the positive relationships we’ve built with our partners, contractors and suppliers allow us to create the perfect team for each project so we can deliver the very best experience for our customers.


Our expert accounting team has decades of experience in corporate, construction and development roles. They keep our books in impeccable shape and bring a strong sense of financial literacy to the team.


Our full-service construction team are skilled and goal-orientated. With decades of industry experience and reputation for high standards, they keep our projects on track and within budget.


Our estimators are obsessed with sustainability and pushing the industry forward to make buildings healthier for homeowners. They believe in purchasing with a purpose to deliver the best customer service.


Our design team continues to push new ideas into exceptional results. From concept development and drafting to interior design, our designers will find creative solutions to any challenge.


Our talented marketing team ensures our brand and product remain visible and sales strong. They are the best at communicating our brand messages while embracing the latest trends and engaging the public.


Our incredible sales team contributes significantly to the success of Madison Avenue Group. Their positive energy and the ability to build relationships have helped grow the business.


We’ve partnered with The Home Hunters Real Estate Group and The Bloom Real Estate Marketing Group to offer customers a fantastic opportunity that will facilitate the sale of their current home as they transition into a new Madison Avenue build.


We are committed to providing easy access to financing through our lending partners at ATB, CWB, Roost Mortgage, TD Bank and Centurion.


We build to exceed the standards set by the Alberta Building Code and have partnered with Traveler’s to ensure claims and repairs are handled quickly and professionally with the highest level of customer service and communication.