About Us

Our purpose is to construct meaningful homes that enrich, uplift and inspire the human spirit. Madison Avenue Group raises the standard of home building to deliver what modern families want.


Madison Avenue Group has over 40 years of experience building single, multi-family, and resort properties throughout North America.

The Madison Avenue Group team has received numerous design and marketing awards nationally. We build and sell homes in the mid-market range, focusing on quality, value and service. We carefully choose where we build in desirable neighbourhoods and design to meet your needs.

Our philosophy is to include more for the base price. Our award-winning designed homes are exceptionally well built with executive quality finishes. Customers can choose from a wide selection of pre-planned options and elevations to best suit their family. Every customer has unique needs and visions for their home and we believe that they deserve to build the home of their dreams, in a community that fits their lifestyle.

At Madison Avenue Group, we understand that building a home is a big financial and personal investment. We want you to be satisfied with every aspect of the home building process and we strive to provide the best service, every step of the way.

Madison Avenue Group is currently working on multiple projects in Canada, building over 400 homes over the next 36 months. Our current projects represent a diverse portfolio and market in North America offering three unique product lines: single-family, duplex, and townhomes.

We believe culture matters just as much as strategy. The way a company engages their staff is critical to its success.

Madison Avenue Group is devoted to putting people’s needs first. Our commitment to community and culture is what creates corporate sustainability. The sense of trust we foster between workers, managers and customers creates better workflow and resilience through the inevitable challenges and setbacks experienced in our industry. Over the years our team has always been able to pivot and prevail through changing tides and emerge stronger than before with new ideas to build on and new ways to do business.

We are relentless in the pursuit of building in exceptional communities that encourage preservation and respect for the environment.

Madison Avenue Group exemplifies New Urbanist principles with careful considerations of what we produce, how we build and the impact on our society. Equal opportunity and diversity play an essential role in all our planning and decision-

making. In response to the knowledge that construction can harm the environment; Madison Avenue Group uses domestic and renewable materials whenever possible to facilitate sustainability and efficiency in our supply chain. We offer customers the latest in environmentally friendly innovations and technologies and actively seek to build in communities with an eye on the future.

Madison Avenue Group gives back to the community and looks after those who are most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods. We are proud to support initiatives that enrich lives and strengthen communities.

We have a history of sponsoring programs that bring generations together and go beyond sponsorships and donations. We are a team of people who regularly volunteer, coach, mentor, and serve in many ways.

Healthy communities are the foundation on which great homes are built. We are active in every community we build in and support our developers with unique initiatives to help keep fundraising within these new neighbourhoods. Supporting these communities is tied to our values and our mission.

Volunteerism is encouraged throughout our team, and every staff member has extra “volunteer days” to do what they are passionate about with their families. We proudly align ourselves with partners who want to better their communities and enrich the lives of those around them.

Examples of our community involvement include:

• Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation

• Wayfound Mental Health Group

• Calgary Humane Society

• Edge School, Jim Davidson Sports Complex

• Alberta University of the Arts

• Football Alberta

• Calgary Minor Hockey – Calgary Royals

• Wild Rose Dance Arts Association

• Okanagan Sun Football

• BC Volleyball