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For over 40 years, Madison Avenue Group has been an integral part of the residential growth and development of our city, and we continue to uphold our reputation as an established and trusted homebuilder in new communities throughout Calgary and surrounding area. With current projects in every quadrant of the city, we cater to diverse demographics by providing unique products that are the right fit for every community and every customer.

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Imagine your dream home in one of our carefully chosen communities

Imagine your dream home in one of our carefully chosen communities. At Madison Avenue Group, a key element to our success is selecting premium communities that enrich your life through social opportunities, recreational services and safe community standards. Explore the communities we build in.

Inspired Indigenous Stories

Madison Avenue Group Inc is proud to partner with @inspiredindigenous sharing stories that celebrate Indigenous people and culture. We choose to celebrate positive change for Indigenous Peoples and their achievements. We are humbled, we are listening.